Guide to Caring for your Fire Pit

Like a piece of fine furniture, with general care and maintenance, your fire pit can last for many years.  Keep free from moisture and earth contact.  Water stains, decomposition of the oak and rust on the barrel rings will occur with constant moisture contact.  It is recommended to utilize the adjustable feet that are installed with the product to keep separation from the ground.  Not recommended to be set up over soft dirt or lawn over long periods of time.  Barrels may tilt or fall over soft, uneven ground.

Before delivery, your Wine barrel fire pit and counter top is coated with a marine epoxy and minimum of 3 coats of marine Spar Varnish, a UV protective varnish commonly used on the exterior woodwork of fine boats.  Metal tops are coated with Permalac, a coating designed  for metals in the exterior.  It is recommended to conduct yearly maintenance to identify discoloration or cracking of the varnish and or provide a new exterior coat of protection with either Permalac,  Spar Varnish or a UV protective furniture oil/beeswax as needed.  A protective cover is provided with your purchase.

Make sure your fire pit and counter top are dry before covering.  Variable changes in weather conditions will cause wood products to swell and/or shrink.  For winter months, it is recommended to detach the counter top and store in a warm/dry location when not in use.  Coasters are recommended under glasses to prevent moisture rings.

Burner kit parts
With your purchase, you will be given an owners manual from the provider of the burner kit,  In addition to the owners manual, a replacement parts guide is also available via their website. See manufacturers warranty.

With proper care and maintenance, Wine Country Fire Pits will provide a (2) year structural warranty on your oak barrel.  Wooden counter tops are given a (1) year warranty as it pertains to the structural integrity.  Minor chips, splits, cracks and even warping may occur with changes in climate, but will not affect the structural capability.

Safety concerns

Fire pits are an artisanal product which is custom made to order.  It is intended for Exterior Use Only.  It should not be used for cooking or heating of interior spaces.  Do not leave children unsupervised when in use.  Wine country fire pits stands behind their products but are not responsible for the quality of the propane tanks selected and installed by the consumer.  Keep flames a minimum of 5′ from combustible materials.  It is recommended the fire pit remain covered when cool and not in use.

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