About Us

The Moran Family



Wine Country Fire Pits is a family owned and operated business which began in 2015. Our goal is to combine our love of entertaining with the beauty of our surrounding wine country. We encourage and emphasize enjoying, sharing and tasting exceptional wines with friends and family! To foster relationships built out of the love of wine and passion for outdoor living, we have created a custom made, unique wine barrel fire pit around which to gather your family and friends.

Each wine barrel fire pit is made of oak and has been re-purposed after being used in the production of wine. Each wine barrel fire pit is unique with an individual look and shape that we hope will impart long evenings of conversation and camaraderie amidst the warmth and comfort of the fire. We custom make each counter top out of your choice of wood or metal.  No two wine barrel fire pits are alike.

Our hands and your sophisticated tastes will create a wine barrel fire pit that you can enjoy for years to come.

Handcrafted in the Carson Valley of Nevada.